Thursday, November 10, 2005

New Hampshire Wants YOU

Those of us avidly following the Vermont secession story in the press should check out a few newspaper stories filed in the last week or so.

This one from the Christian Science Monitor puts SVR in the broader context of secession movements around the country, and includes some interesting stuff about the historical case for and against secession's legality.

And this Boston Globe story is an update on a related secession story - Killington's bid to leave Vermont for a life of giddy tax-free abandon in the Granite State. I say we let 'em go ... Live free or die!

The interesting thing is that New Hampshire seems suspiciously eager for this to actually go ahead:

"CONCORD, N.H. --A New Hampshire commission established to help Killington secede from Vermont and join New Hampshire didn't have much to discuss at its first meeting Wednesday. That's because Vermont hasn't established a similar commission to work out the secession details.

Regardless, commission Chairman John Hunt insists the New Hampshire panel's existence sends a clear message to Vermont -- or any other state -- that citizens have a right to seek other alliances if their complaints aren't addressed.

"They (Vermont officials) might see this as a joke. I don't," said Hunt."

Hmmm.... what's going on over there?


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